Ginseng Extract,(NH4)2SO4, BaCO3,BaCl2,Thiourea

Ginseng extract is the finished product obtained after the first extraction of ginseng residue and Mycobacterium grass through fermentation

and deep processing, the appearance is yellowish brown powder, with the inherent smell of the product.It is a kind of natural plant feed 


(NH4)2SO4, as you know, in China, environment protection is the most important thing, for example, the chinese government ask and

supervise all kinds of chemical factories,which have all of kinds of by-product of ammonium,  to collect and deal with these kinds of  products 

containing ammonium, no outward discharge is allowed, therefore, these chemical factories have to design new production equipment for 

producing ammonium chloride, ammonium sulphate, etc.,


Barium Carbonate(BaCO3),Barium Chloride(BaCl2), China is a country rich in barium salt, BaCO3 widely used in production of barium 

salt, dyes, pyrotechnics, ceramics, enamel, optical glass, pesticide for rat, etc.;  BaCl2 widely used in the papermaking, fuel, rubber, plastic, 

ceramics, refine oil, petrochemical industry. Be also used for metal heat treatment and excepting the sulfate radical in the chlor-alkali industry.

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